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Working collectively as a team to deliver perfection, creating a strategy that drives results. In our creative workshops of strategic thinkers and creative minds at Gem’s House, we stop at nothing until a Gem is born! Write your destiny with us.
Bring Your Idea To Life In Our Creative Workshops.
Our Highly Trained Development Chefs Will Create The Perfect Menu That Suits Your Brand And Kitchen.
Indulgence Has Never Looked So Good.
Ensure That Your Targets Are Met And Maximise Profits.

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Gem’s House was birthed a few years ago and launched in 2021. Founder Erren Nathaniel-Gem has collaborated on several projects in London, the USA and Dubai, offering a unique Chef’s Consultancy Service offering menu development, business consultancy and food styling. While travelling around different parts of the world, Erren soon realised there was a niche for an expert hospitality consultancy combining new concept creation, menu creative workshops and operational nous. Now, Gem’s House Consultancy has assembled some of the best minds in the industry, both UK and worldwide, to offer a hands-on service of creative strategic thinkers and minds to deliver exceptional services tailored to the food and beverage industry.
Our services are divided into four sectors: new concept creation, menu development, food styling and business consultancy. Book a free consultation with one of our consultants who will explain in greater detail about our services, as well as create a plan that best suits you and your business needs.
This all depends on the service you require and the time and length of the project. We are also happy to work with new, reasonable start-up budgets.

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