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    Gem’s House Consultancy

    Launched in 2021, Gem’s House Consultancy specialises in providing services to both the private and public sector of the hospitality industry, offering a tailored, hand-picked international private chef service, fine produce service and a restaurant and hotel consultancy. We believe in supporting the needs and desires of our clients the Gem’s House way – which is nothing less than perfection. We go above and beyond to produce results for our clients.

    Private Chef Services

    Here at Gem’s House Consultancy we believe in going above and beyond for our clients. So, we have created...

    Restaurant/Hotel consultancy

    Working collectively as a team to deliver perfection, creating a strategy that drives results. In our creative workshops...

    New Concept Creation

    Deciding on opening a new Hospitality concept? Restaurant, Cafe, Boutique Hotel? Here at Gem’s House...

    fine foods specialist

    Ever wanted luxury ingredients at a affordable price? Delivered straight to your private residence...

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