Business Consultancy

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Business Consultancy

Project and operational management
Working with owners/stakeholders to ensure effective delivery of projects, whether it’s an operational improvement, an existing project or new restaurant/cafe. Creating critical paths, liaising with contractors, negotiating venue leasing, advising with IT requirements and working with site designers – we are here to support and give you the greatest advice possible.

Concept and business plans
By looking over any business plan and ideas you may have, we can challenge and build your idea, helping you avoid any common mistakes and pitfalls.

With input from our expert consultants, we will make your plans more achievable and help to ensure that your business is set for success.

Food strategies, costing and PNL
Creating food strategies for all businesses, big or small, we will review performance and data and understand your targets and objectives, ensuring you deliver great performance for your business and customers. Once we have set a plan for your establishment, our team of highly trained IT consultants can build your business a personalised costing and performance tracker, so you can see and be in control of your PnL/finances.

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