Hire A Private Chef To Help Cope With Food Allergies

If you suffer from a food allergy, every meal can be an ordeal. The constant monitoring, researching and planning of nutritious meals – that are still tasty enough for your family to eat – can become really stressful. That’s why people are turning to Gem’s House Consultancy to alleviate some of the stress of preparing […]

Hiring a Private Chef Abroad: What You Need to Know

As a food connoisseur, enjoying the traditional food and delicacies from the places you visit is always a must. Experiencing the richness and diversity of new places is a way to better understand the world and the context that we live in. Nevertheless, we know that travelling to places like Abu Dhabi or Dubai, either […]

Why Should You Consider Household Staff When Living Abroad

Your essential household staff have played an enormous role in your day-to-day in the UK. You understand the value of a robust support system, as your team of excellent household staff has shown you. It has allowed you to juggle various priorities within your professional and personal life, so why should your international life be […]

Seven Sisters partners with Chef Erren Gem to launch new menu

Seven Sisters has launched a new menu created by renowned UK-based Chef Erren Gem. Guests can start their culinary journey snacking on the freshly prepared guacamole, salty and spicy edamame, and crispy soft-shell crab with a jalapeno mayo, while the 23k gold katsu Wagyu sandwich is a specialty. Offerings from the Raw Bar include a […]